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Published on January 3, 2013, by in SMS.

Hello guys!
I know we have been absent for quite some time but we decided to stop everything for a while and start over in a new year.
From now on we will bring you reviews on free tweaks as well and to start that off we bring you WiFiSMS.

WiFiSMS Cydia

This tweak allows you to access your (jailbroken)iPhone and even iPod or iPad messages through a nice interface on your browser using your desktop or laptop but not only that, you can also access them through another device using mobile safari even if that device is not jailbroken!
This means that you no longer have to have your phone with you to send a text, you can do it from the comfort of your computer or iDevice.

So allow me to explain exactly how it works:

Our jailbroken device, whether it be and iPhone, iPod or iPad will be called device A. Our computer will be called device B. And, an extra iDevice(not jailbroken) will be device C.

So once we install WiFiSMS on device A, we make sure our SBSettings toggle for WiFiSMS is on


and then we open up our browser on device B and we go to this URL: myIPaddress:8080
myIPaddress being your device’s IP address

Once that loads, we’ll get a nice clean interface like the one below:

WiFiSMS Macbook air


Now as you can see on the screenshot above, there’s nothing on there but actually there is. This is a bug I’ve run int before where you have to reload until you get your messages, however this only seems to happen on iPod or iPad and not on the iPhone.

Now, let’s say we want to access our messages on device C; while it’s possible I would only recommend it on an iPad because since this tweak was meant to be used on a browser, the interface does not really fit well into an iPod or iPhone display.

To do this, you follow the same directions:
Open mobile safari and go to: myIPAddress:8080
We will get our IM-like window, just like we did on our browser.
Like I said, if you’re using an iPhone or iPod the interface may look weird. While it’s sort of usable, I would still recommend an iPad.

WiFiSMS iPad

On the left side we get a side bar with a list of our message threads.
And on the right, we get a nice chat window from which we reply/send text messages, which also includes an emoji window and character counter.

You can also add WiFiSMS to your home screen and use it as a web app:



























And you can also add it as an app on your mac using Fluid:

















WiFiSMS does not come with a settings panel in the settings app but does have the settings in the web interface.

In the settings you can change the refresh interval, whether you want sounds on/off and set up a username and password to access your messages.


I have tested WiFiSMS on iOS 6 and it seems to work just fine however something that I have noticed is that iMessages seem to not show up, only regular text messages. I ran into that issue both on iOS 5 and 6. Also, Internet Explorer is not supported.

This little tweak has been pretty handy for me and it’s one of the few that I’ve always had to have because it provides me with an easy and simple way to access my messages without having to have my phone with me.

I have tried to contact the developer to ask whether or not he plans to maintain it but I haven’t gotten a response.
However, this is on Github for those of you adventurous ones.
It’s most likely that this tweak will not be updated or maintained anymore but in its current state it works like advertised and best of all, it’s free!

However, if you want something that it’s likely to get updates in the future, you can give Remote Messages a go and see if you like it.
It’s a paid tweak and I think it does pretty much the same thing but if you’re feeling rich today then head over to cydia and purchase it.

So that was WiFiSMS guys, what do you think? Is this something you were looking for? Have you been using it?

Leave your comments and let us know what you think




  • Greg

    Great App!!! Is it working with 6.0 yet?

    • http://ratemytweak.com Eder Morales

      I believe the developer has stopped working on it so probably no iOS 6 support coming :/

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