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Hello guys!

We bring you yet another review of an awesome Cydia tweak called Ostium.

This tweak is a customization tweak, it allows you to add a cool Split-Screen effect to your Notification Center. Now let me tell you, I’ve used different tweaks to customize the look and behavior of Notification Center but this one is definitively my favorite!!

Check out our video review and judge for yourself:

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Here’s all you got to do:

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4: Leave a comment saying what kind of tweak you’d like to see on Cydia.
Any tweak ideas?
What function do you wish you could do on your iDevice?

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Good luck!!


What do you guys think? Have you bought Ostium? How’d you like it?

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  • Saúl Ga

    Maybe It is impossible but it would be awesome if you could just tap and hold on an empty artwork in the Music app and it’d display your photo library to select the album cover.

    • DanyL

      I might write it when I’ll have some free time ;)

  • skarchmit@gmail.com

    A nice tweak would include double tapping the home button on the lockscreen, and then when you will see Settings like NCSettings, except near the volume controls…. Kinda in a grid format…. User Customizable. If you will do this, can i get a free license and a shout out to appleflavortv for the idea? (thats me)

    • DanyL

      I’m already developing something similar ;)

  • http://twitter.com/AkramDurdi AkramDurdi (@AkramDurdi)

    i have 2 wifi network at my home, everytime i want change connection goto -> setting -> wifi then change. it will be so nice if there is SbSetting action to change wifi connection

    • DanyL

      An activator listener might do the work, I’ll have to take a look at this.

  • Aqeel Ahmed

    I would like Google’s S-Voice on my iPad to replace Siri

  • http://twitter.com/vicryabov Victor Ryabov (@vicryabov)

    I have this dream for a long time-a tweak that:after pressing battery icon it will show battery percentage for 2 seconds instead of battery icon and then show battery again.

  • Alfroggy

    Yeah, a live status bar where you would zoom in on each status bar element (sorta like the Mac OS dock) you hold so you can (from left to right in the status bar) :

    — toggle wifi on holding the wifi bars ;
    — toggle airplane mode on holding the signal bars ;
    — toggle data on holding the edge/3G/4G icon ;
    — dismiss a notification icon (like the ones shown in OpenNotifier) ;
    — show the date instead of the clock when tapping the statur bar clock ;
    — toggle silent/ring mode on holding a silence/ring icon ;
    — play/pause the iPod app when there’s music playing ;
    — show backgrounded apps as in the Aero tweak and interfere with them on holding the battery percentage ;
    — show free RAM on holding down the battery icon.
    Long holding the different icons would open the relevent Settings section, a bit like holding a toggle icon in NCSettings tweak does.

  • DanyL

    Unfortunately it’s impossible- the status bar in iOS devices is too thin to receive correct touchs from the user, and it’ll conflict with the notification center.

    • Alfroggy

      Ok thanks for taking the time to read — and reply.
      I mentioned the fact icons enlarged as in the Mac OS dock, a sort of zoom-in when holding down a status bar element, ensuring you do hold the right status bar icon before it triggers an action.
      Besides, NC only requires a down gesture from the status bar I reckon…

  • http://twitter.com/random_idiot_ Peter (@random_idiot_)

    hey, I’ve got two things:
    1. A real simple thing that annoys me since iOS5 is that when you get a lockscreen notification, you can slide the notification itself but the normal unlock slider still opens the notification instead of unlocking. may you write a tweak to fix this?

    2.it’s a bit complicated, when you have multiple messages in the lockscreen, then you’ll have the grabber (same as in NC) and can swipe down for all messages. the idea is that you can always swipe down the clock to get the grabber, and to access all notifications and even NC tweaks. there are similar tweaks to this like IntelliscreenX, but they use a “normal” NC and replace the clock and overlay the slider.
    I mean it should show notifications and NC addons like normal messages do..
    I hope you understood what I mean, I’m german and it’s really hard to explain in english :D

  • http://twitter.com/DPDdepp Ich (@DPDdepp)

    It would not be bad, if you call someone who is not in the contact list, then the unique number is not sent.