We are back with another fully-iOS6 compatible tweak for you guys. This tweak is called DeskSMS and if you liked WiFiSMS then you're going to love this tweak as well. DeskSMS allows you to access your messages on your iPhone using a web browser BUT not only that, it can also forward your texts … Continue reading


We're back again with another tweak for your freshly jailbroken iOS 6 device, InstaURL. Now this tweak has nothing to do with Instagram, I'm telling you this because when I first heard the name of this tweak I wrongly made that assumption (sorry William :p) So this tweak basically brings up aURL … Continue reading


  So we continue with our posts on not-so-popular but very awesome tweaks for iOS 6 and this time we bring you PagePusher by Ryan Petrich.   PagePusher adds a curl-like effect to the usual pushed-in animation for the navigating windows on iOS. What does that mean? … Continue reading


With the recent release of Evasi0n, the iOS 6 jailbreak, many people are asking themselves the same question; what should I install? While there's many tweaks out there, hundreds actually, people are usually inclined to the more popular ones such as CallBar and PkgBackup and they usually don't … Continue reading

Download Evasi0n!

With today's release of the much awaited Evasi0n jailbreak for all devices that support 6.0-6.1 the jailbreak community is really really excited as this jailbreak has been in the works for months now. Now as with every new jailbreak, it's hard to get a download as the servers get hammered within … Continue reading